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Useful books on Computational Fluid Dynamics
About the Author

Katate Masatsuka, Ph.D.

B.E.(Aero) Tokai University, JAPAN
M.S.E.(Aero), M.S.(Math), Ph.D.(Aero and Sci. Comp.) University of Michigan

Third-order accuracy with zero/negative-volume elements --- AIAA2017
Hyperbolic rDG/DG schemes --- JCP2020
Theory of third-order edge-based scheme --- JCP2017
3D Hyperbolic Navier-Stokes Solver --- AIAA2016
Third-order accuracy without curved elements --- JCP2015
1st/2nd/3rd-order hyperbolic schemes for advection-diffusion --- JCP2014
Divergence formulation of source terms --- JCP2012
A general recipe for making good diffusion schemes --- AIAA2010
Unification of advection and diffusion --- JCP2010
Multigrid methods --- 2011
Robust rotated-hybrid Riemann solvers --- JCP2008
Radically new approach for diffusion --- JCP2007
Local preconditioning for general PDEs in 2D --- AIAA2003
Residual-driven mesh adaptation --- IJNMF2002.

Katate Masatsuka is a pen-name: Hiroaki Nishikawa
Unpublished CFD notes by Hiroaki Nishikawa are available at CFDNOTES.COM